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Antibiotics May Be Risky To Environment: Study

In a study - Published in Microchemical Journal - the scientists have warned that antibiotics though, prevent bacterial infections, they may also harm microbes adversely that are essential to a healthy environment significantly impacting people’s lives around the world.

Wastewater treatment plant is not fully designed
Just a portion of antibiotics taken by the patients is metabolised while rest is excreted and enters wastewater.As the bodies wastewater treatment plant is not designed to fully remove taken antibiotic, many of its compounds reach natural systems. They accumulate there, and may harm the “good” microbes. This is a big worry as many microbial pecies available in the environment are beneficial and some even degrade organic contaminants, such as pesticides.

They may cast environmental side-effects
“The amount of antibiotics i s very, very low — there are normally nanograms per litre of these molecules found in natural environments,” said Paola Grenni, a microbial ecologist at the National Research Council’s Water Research Institute in Italy. “But the antibiotics and also other pharmaceuticals can have an effect even in low concentrations, the so-called environmental side-effects,” Grenni added.