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6 Signs You Are Drinking Too Much Alcohol

  • Post By: BBinish Ahmed
  • 08 Jan 2017

Not just excessive drinking but moderate drinking habits are stealthily becoming a ‘silent killer’ contributing to skyrocketing numbers of liver disease death. So, when do you know how much is too much? Let’s look at 6 signs that indicate that you are going overboard with alcohol:

You wake up to pee at night
If you are waking up at night few times and go to the washroom, then it could be a sign that you are consuming alcohol more than your body can handle. Antidiuretic hormone in your body maintains the urine amount. It signals the kidneys to make urine concentrated so that lesser volume is produced. Also, at night lesser hormone is produced which is why we do not go to the loo often. But when you have too much alcohol in your system, antidiuretic hormone production is decreased, causing your body to make more urine.

Eyes are dry when you wake up
Experts say that binging on alcohol can make your eyes drier. Not only does alcohol dehydrate your body, but it also gets into your tears and interferes with lubrication. Also, if you notice that your eyes becoming sticky, it is a clear signal you are going overboard with the booze.

Tummy problems
If you are having persistent diarrhea, it can be a sign that you are drinking more than you should. Your body does not absorb the excess alcohol you’re drinking because of which you get watery stools. Moreover, stools that do not flush away easily and darker urine can be a warning sign that your liver is not functioning properly due to the pressure of processing excess alcohol.

You’re not sleeping well
Drinking alcohol regularly can cause your brain to forget how to sleep peacefully.  In fact, it can also make you miss out on sleep on nights even when you haven’t had a drink. Both long-term heavy drinking and withdrawal can interfere with neurotransmitters that help in calming the brain. Therefore, one must try giving up alcohol for few months to observe the difference in their sleep.

You are getting forgetful and grumpy
As mentioned in the point above, long-term heavy drinking can cause fragmented sleep cycles which can leave you feeling more tired. When alcohol breaks down in the body, it releases sugar which stimulates your body causing wakefulness.  Therefore, not getting enough sleep not only makes you tired but it can also make you grumpy and forgetful.

You can handle many drinks
If you drink a couple of drinks and still do not feel tipsy, then it is a sign that you are a heavy drinker. You have built up a tolerance level to the short-term effects of alcohol. Building tolerance for alcohol is not a great thing, it means the more you drink, the greater is the risk to your health. Keep in mind that if you are building a tolerance, it is a warning sign.