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6 Most Dangerous Foods Around The World That May Kill

  • Post By: BBinish Ahmed
  • 08 Jan 2017

Food can kill too! Dangerous foods come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Here are 6 food items that can make you potentially sick or even kill you, if you consume them in high amounts. Take a look:

  • Absinthe
    Absinthe is highly alcoholic beverage made from wormwood, sweet anise and sweet fennel. The drink is widely consumed in Switzerland, France, Spain and Australia. What’s terrifying is that it has been portrayed as a dangerous psychoactive drug and hallucinogen. In fact, absinthe has been held responsible for suicides, social disorders, tuberculosis, and even epilepsy.

  • Wild mushrooms
    Death caps, destroying angels and Deadly webcap—these wild mushrooms are blamed for the most mushroom poisonings in the world. These mushrooms are mistaken for edible mushrooms or paddy straw and are eaten. They may cause hallucinations, vomiting and abdominal pain. If consumed in large amounts they can cause liver damage, heart damage and even death.

  • Tapioca
    Also known as cassava, tapioca is widely used ingredient in pudding. It is the roots of a bush-like plant found in America. However, if the pudding is prepared incorrectly, the consequences can be deadly. Tapioca naturally produces cyanide, thus it must be thoroughly cooked. If it is consumed raw or not cooked properly, the cyanide can prove to be fatal.

  • Tuna
    Tuna fish is the most commonly consumed fish in the world. However, latest findings have warned people that their favourite fish can cause Scombroid ,a mild seafood poisoning. When tuna is not properly refrigerated, they begin to emit toxins that can be harmful to health if consumed.

  • Nutmeg
    Not many are aware of this, but nutmeg is technically considered as a hallucinogenic drug. Experts say that consuming 2 ounces nutmeg can cause convulsions and 3 ounces can lead to hallucinations. If you eat a whole nutmeg, you will enter a world called as the ‘nutmeg psychosis’ which can eventually lead ti death.

  • Live octopus
    Eating live octopus is a popular food choice in South Korea and Japan. It can be a food challenge for the squeamish as the sight of swallowing moving tentacles can freak one out. However, at times the suction cups present in the tentacles can get stuck in a person’s throat and cause death due to suffocation. In fact, every year 6 people in South Korea die as a result of eating live octopus.