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5 Worst Health Advices From Famous Celebrities

  • Post By: BBinish Ahmed
  • 06 Jan 2017

When it comes to matters of health, celebrities either give genuine or really weird advices. While some health advices can be hugely helpful, some can be downright ghastly and harmful to health, according to experts. We have rounded up 5 health advices of popular celebs and have jotted expert opinions for validation and better alternatives. Take a look:

  • Megan Fox

    Her advice: Drinking apple cider vinegar cleanses out your system completely. She also advocates that water weight developed during menstruation also gets eliminated by ACV.

    Experts say:ACV has antifungal properties, aids in digestion and supports the release of stomach acid. However, it does not aid in permanent weight reduction or bloating during period.

    What to do:Bloating happens due to nutritional changes and gut imbalance. The best way to address this issue is to eliminate problematic foods and eat nutrient-rich foods that support the rebuilding of healthy gut bacteria.

  • Simon Cowell

    His advice: This X Factor judge claims that the reason behind his ‘youthful glow’ is taking oxygen shots from a portable tank that he carries with himself.

    Experts say:Experts say that this practice is dangerous as too much oxygen can damage the brain cells and lungs. People with asthma and heart disease could stop breathing if they adopt this practice.

    What to do: Opt for some strenuous exercise as this does not fill your body with excessive oxygen. Exercise strengthens the heart, lungs and also works wonders for your skin.

  • Kim Kardashian

    Her advice: Kim Kardashian has always been vocal about the benefits of waist training. It is a practice which involves wrapping bands tightly around the lower rib cage and waist so that an hourglass shape is achieved.

    Experts say: Apparently, wearing a waist trainer can make you look slimmer but there is no evidence that it can help in shedding fat. In fact, experts say that it can constrict your breathing and hinder digestion.

    What to do: Opt for exercises that can tone the waist and strengthen the core. Side planks with leg raise and crisscross crunches can do the trick.

  • Cheryl Cole

    Her advice:This British entertainer is a fan of the blood group diet. It is a special diet wherein people have to eat foods based on their blood groups. The principle is that only certain blood groups can handle particular foods.

    Experts say: Scientists say that the blood group diet is based on pseudoscience and there are no evidences that one can benefit from them. In fact, adhering to this practice can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies.

    What to do: Balance your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. A perfect diet must take into account your physical and mental health status, activity level, food allergies, diet goals etc.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Her advice:Seems like Paltrow has become the pin-up girl for worst health advice. She advises her lady fans to get their vaginas steamed. It is a practice wherein a combination of mugwort and infrared steam cleanses your vagina and uterus. The Shakespeare in Love actress says that this practice balances the hormonal levels.

    Experts say: Experts believe that the potential risk of vaginal steaming is higher than its potential benefits. Gynaecologists say that douching can disrupt the natural flora of the female reproductive system and can lead to yeast infection and UTIs.

    What to do: Visit your gynaecologist if you are having any vaginal issues. Do not self treat.