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4 Nutrient Deficiencies That Are Making You Overeat

  • Post By: BBinish Ahmed
  • 09 Jan 2017

Do you get regular cravings for a cheese pizza, chicken burger or even chocolates?  Being a food lover can not only be the reason. Sometimes, deficiency in certain nutrients can cause you to crave for unhealthy foods. Check out which of these 4 cravings and deficiencies you have:

  • B Vitamins
    During stressful phases, our body uses up vitamins more quickly.  This can make you more susceptible to the effects of stress such as overeating.  Refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine and birth control pills are important B vitamins depleters. Get your B vitamins from seafood, dairy, meats, dark leafy greens, salmon, avocados and bananas. Make salads your best friends.

  • Iron
    Do you crave for a chicken burger or a hot dog when you are having PMS? When you’re low in iron, especially premenopausal women, you tend to have notorious meat cravings. Get your iron fix from poultry, fish and meat. If you’re a vegetarian, go for dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, grains, spinach and iron-enriched pastas.

  • Magnesium & Calcium
    Are you craving for chocolates every other day? Low levels of calcium and magnesium can trigger sugar and salt cravings. Eating too much sugar can exhaust your magnesium and calcium storage in the body.  Likewise, it can also aggravate your cravings and turn you into a prime stress-eating person.  Hit the calcium quota by downing dairy products like yoghurt, cheese; fish; and dark leafy greens. Get the magnesium fix from potato, seeds and nuts.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
    Cheese cravings can indicate deficiency in the essential fatty acid omega-3s. To combat this scarcity and quash these cravings, load up on EPA and DHA. These ingredients are found in abundance in tuna, sardines and salmon. Eggs from farm chickens too have as much as 600 mg of omega-3s per egg.