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12 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

  • Post By: DDivya Bharti
  • 08 Jan 2017

Cashew is a healthy nut consumed generally in every house. In Indian cuisine cashew is used to make food items like ‘barfi’ (sweet), korma (curry), kaju rolls and many more. Cashew nuts are recommended as a healthy diet because of the rich protein, dietary fiber, copper, zinc, magnesium, nutrients and antioxidants contents in it.

Given below are the 12 surprising health benefits of eating cashew nuts for a healthy body and mind.

A Healthy heart
Cashews contains low fat content which helps lower your LDL cholesterol level in the body thus protecting you from various heart related diseases like stroke, heart attack and blood pressure.

Prevents cancer
Cashew nuts are quite advantageous in protecting your body from colon and prostate cancer. The ‘Proanthocyanidins’, compound found in cashew is rich in copper content which helps your body in fighting against various cancer cells.

Prevents diabetes
Cashew nuts are filled with many unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants which work effectively in controlling blood sugar level by maintaining a balanced amount thus preventing the chances of diabetes in your body.  

Cashew nuts are a good source of copper, which plays vital role in the elimination of free radicals from the body. Consumption of cashews on a regular basis can help you to get rid of blood diseases like anemia, hemophilia and blood cancer.  

Gives a healthy digestive system
Cashew nuts are also rich source of dietary fiber, nutrients and minerals in it, which work actively in improving your digestive tract in a healthy way. Start adding cashew nuts in your daily snacks diet for a healthy digestive system.

Eliminates gallstones
Daily consumption of cashew nuts reduces the risk of developing gallstones in your gall bladder.

Healthy and strong bones
Being rich in calcium and magnesium, cashew nuts help in making your bone and teeth stronger and healthier.

Protect your eyes
Eating cashew nuts on the regular basis also help in improving your vision and eyesight. Moreover, it also protects your eyes from the eye diseases like macular degeneration.

Weight Loss
Another amazing benefit of eating cashew nut is the secret for weight loss. Though cashew nuts are considered having fats, but they are less fattening as compared to other nuts. So eating cashews in your snacks will provide you much energy to lose weight fast.

Healthy and gorgeous hair
Cashew oil contains copper, linoleic and oleic acid which are quite beneficial in providing you healthy, smooth and strong hair.

Glowing and wrinkle free skin
Again the copper content in cashew nut oil helps giving you a young and shiny skin. By eliminating free radicals from your body, cashew nuts work effectively in removing wrinkles, spots and acne from your skin, thus making your skin more healthy and glowing.

Pleasant sleep
The sleeping pattern in women after menopause also gets improved with the consumption of cashew nuts, thus making them relaxed before sleeping.