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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Kinnows This Winter Season

  • Post By: SSumita Chakraborty
  • 10 Jan 2017

Kinnow is a hybrid fruit that looks and smells like an orange but is much juicier and sweeter than an orange. Also known as the ‘poor cousin of orange’, kinnow is cheaper and widely available in India during winter season. Moreover, it is a filled with the goodness of minerals and Vitamin B and C. Let’s know about some health benefits of having kinnow this winter season:

Body energizer
The huge amount of carbohydrates present in this juicy fruit helps in increasing up your energy level to a higher rate. The glucose, fructose and sucrose that are found in this fruit will boost energy and the pep you up. So for extra energy and vitality, start adding a kinnow in your daily diet.

Keeps stomach healthy
Kinnow helps in kick-starting the body metabolism that’ll keep you healthy and fit for a long time. It also acts as an effective medicine for those recuperating after illness, especially ones recovering from stomach related ailment like typhoid and constipation.

Aids digestion
Those with weak stomach are asked to take kinnow  juice instead of milk, as it absorbs into stomach and aids digestion without placing much load on the stomach.

Relieves acidity
Those leading a sedentary lifestyle can benefit by having kinnow as its rich mineral salts which helps in alleviating acidity.

Intestinal health
Kinnow is helpful in reducing the sluggishness of intestines resulting from intake of junk and various sub-standard foods. It helps relieve chronic constipation, which if ignored can lead to ulcers.

Assists in weight loss
This fruit is full of antioxidants which helps to fight build up of fats and calories in your body. It is commonly believed that, the daily consumption of its juice can also results in quick weight loss.

Miracle health fruit
Kinnow  juices contains citrate which helps in preventing formation of kidney stones. Too much of concentration of minerals and chemicals usually result in development of kidney stones, and this miracle fruit helps in controlling the formation of stones.

Builds Immune system
The vitamin C present in this fruit acts as the best defender for you against infection like flu and cold, thus building a strong immune system.

Gives a glowing skin
The antioxidant properties of the kinnow fruit helps in preventing your skin from ageing and dark spots. The vitamin C content present in this citrus fruit protects your skin from getting damaged by free radicals. Thus, giving your skin a fresh and young look.

The reason for kinnow being  known as one of the best anti-poison medicine is that the juice  (when prepared with clean distilled water) enhances appetite and pancreatic functions. It expedites the process of elimination and removal of harmful toxic elements from the body.

Aren’t these benefits enough reason for you to start consuming kinnow fruit this winter? Grab a bag and shop for these delicious bounties.