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19 Breakfast Secrets To Help You With Losing Weight

It may be true the you are working out hard but you do not seem to lose weight. However, you need some diet modifications to see the results. Eating breakfast is a characteristic common to successful weight loss maintainers. Moreover, the breakfast should be a high-protein breakfast.

Here are some other tips that will help you with weight loss by melting more fat.

Melt fat with delicious tea
Green tea is considered waist friendly as it has compounds called catechins, belly-fat crusaders that blast adipose tissue by revving the metabolism, increasing the release of fat from fat cells (particularly in the belly), and then speeding up the liver’s fat burning capacity.

Give your alarm a label
Smartphone users can customize morning alarms with labels, but a good old-fashioned sticky note could do the trick! Post motivating reminders of your health and fitness goals in places where you’ll see them in the morning, like your bathroom mirror.

Let the sunshine in
After you roll out of bed, immediately open all the blinds. People who had most of their daily exposure to bright light in the morning had significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure late in the day, regardless of how much they ate. Even dim light with just half the intensity of sunlight on a cloudy day will do.

Drink a glass of water
Staying hydrated is essential to your health and weight loss goals, but sometimes it can get lost in the shuffle of a busy day. So make it a habit to drink at least one glass before you leave for work.

Use the scale
Weighing yourself regularly can actually help you stay slim. Monitoring your weight keeps your mind on your health and prevents weight denial.

Beginning your day with 20 minutes of focused breathing and contemplation has some proven health benefits, including reduced levels of fat-promoting stress hormones in the body. Stick with it for two months, and you can actually rewire your brain!

Do a fast workout
The best strategy for lowering body fat percentage is to work out fairly soon after waking up. Hit the gym and do some treadmill sprints on an empty stomach to burn fat. Your body is already in a calorie deficit, and it will ignite your body's fat-burning ability.

Get dressed for breakfast
Wearing stylish clothing that makes you feel attractive will encourage you to eat in a way that shows you care about your appearance and your body.

Eat something but sit down first
Not eating breakfast has shown to increase overeating later in the day because you are hungrier. So, kickstart your hunger in the morning by not eating anything two hours before bed and shop smart at the grocery store. Moreover, mornings can be so hectic that you are loathe to actually sit down or stop moving while scarfing down some breakfast. That’s bad because eating while not seated is associated with mindless eating. Take a load off and you will be more likely to eat at a slower pace.

Change things up
Change it up a little so you won’t get bored and stop eating breakfast. Try a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, avocado, tomato, shredded chicken, and fruit on the side one day and oatmeal the next for some variety.

Chuck out your sugary cereals and bagels
Sugar wreaks havoc on the body. Consuming too much of the white stuff can lead to obesity, which often causes other health problems like diabetes and heart disease. To make matters worse, many popular varieties are also laced with ingredients that are thought to be carcinogenic. Bagels are made with enriched flour instead of healthy whole grains, they are void of the belly-filling fibre that boosts satiety and keeps blood sugar stable. What’s worse, refined white-flour foods like these are linked to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and weight gain.

Include protein
After fasting all night and burning some calories in that state, it is important to feed your muscles protein to prevent any breakdown. Protein is filling and may help fend off mid-morning hunger pangs.Get your morning protein from a source like eggs, canned wild salmon (one of the best fish for fat loss) or Greek yogurt.

Balance that protein with good carbohydrates and fibre
The protein and fibre are what is going to fill you up, and fats help with satiety. Both fats and protein break down slower in the body, keeping you full for longer. The carbohydrates are what is going to give you the energy to get through your day as they are stored as glycogen, our first line of energy. You can find them in foods like bananas or whole grains.

Sprinkle on the pepper
Piperine, the compound that gives black pepper its characteristic taste, has been shown to stop adipogenesis, the formation of new fat cells. This can help shrink your waistline, lower your cholesterol levels and give you that flat belly look your crave.

Keep plenty of apples around
Eating an apple as part of your breakfast can help prevent metabolic syndrome, a disorder associated with abdominal fat, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They are a low-calorie, nutrient dense source of fibre, which are integral to reducing visceral fat.

Dust on the cinnamon
Cinnamon improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin and helps ensure incoming calories are converted to energy, not fat. So just dust a spoonful of it over oats and Greek yogurt, or stir it into a protein shake.

Consider vegetables
Add some vegetables as a side or part of the main dish as it is important to increase your veggie intake whenever possible, including at breakfast. Veggies add a slew of nutrients including fibre and lower the excessive carbohydrate or fat content.

Eat the whole egg
It is true that egg whites are low in calories, fat-free and contain most of the protein found in an egg, eating the entire egg is beneficial to your metabolism. The yolk contains many metabolism-stoking nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and most significantly, choline, a powerful compound that attacks the gene mechanism that triggers your body to store fat around your liver.

Chase it with a glass of whole milk
Increased calcium intake from dairy products may help your body metabolize fat more efficiently.