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‘Sexercises’ Also Give Benefits Of Workout

Workouts, exercising, gyming or walk are necessary for a healthy and fit body. But sometimes we don’t feel like wearing sports shoes and go for workout, so we ditch the session and regret later on. Don’t be upset we have a better idea. Dieting! No not at all. There is something which can help you and gives you benefits of workout that too without getting out of the bed. Yes I am talking about sex.

Sex exciting alternative
Sex is an exciting alternative to gym but that doesn’t means to completely say no-no to your fitness regimes. Sex is just an alternative to perform when you want to ditch workouts, it’s a good exercise or I would rather say sexercise with lots of pleasure.

Sex also burns calorie
Sex is a form of exercise and burn calorie anytime, so you can ditch your workout routine once or twice in a week and indulge yourself in sexercises. Sex produces some of the same kind of physiological responses as exercise does like the increase heart rate, sweating, etc.   According to a study ‘intercourse elicits moderate physical stress which is akin to 75% of maximal exercise. The study also shows that sex is 300% more effective than exercise’. While masturbation is equal to slow walk and sexting don’t burn any calories but inherent anxiety while exchanging messages does.

Sex + Exercise= Sexercise
Many other studies have also found that intercourse increase the respiratory rate, blood pressure and heart rate which indicates that the body is working at an elevated rate like it does during exercising. But sex is not sufficient to get muscle buildup, though it is the best cardio, because sex do not sustain long enough or occurs frequently or you will not be able to spend as much time as you give to your workout sessions, etc

Positions also play a big role.
When it comes to difference between men and women responses, it is reported that men are more physically active than women. Sexual positions also play a big role to make the sexercise successful.  There is an app name Sexercise- sex positions that burn calories, which consist of more than 70 sex positions that help in losing weight. Not only this, these sex positions are divides in many categories like to help men to lose weight, weight loss for females, some target to a specific part of the body, etc.

Exercise affects sex and sex affects exercise
Sex is a kind of exercise but do you know in many causes exercise can be also helpful for sex. One should perform few exercises to get the utmost pleasure and health benefit out of sexual intercourse like for women pelvic floor training will make their sex experience better and for men the exercise which involve perineal muscles benefits.

It improves the sexual function and yes, good sexual activity means you can burn good amount of calories. Even after these exercises women reported to increase confidence, control, less pain and heightened sensation. While in men it helps with premature ejaculation.

Other benefits include

  • Morning sex is best, sex for 70 minutes in the morning burn upto 100 calories.
  • Sexual intercourse benefits you as much as a 30 minute exercise session on treadmill.
  • Sexercise release feel good hormones and endorphins which lower stress level.
  • Sexercise improves mood, fight depression, boost immune system and good for overall health.