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9 Ways For Happier And Healthier Relationship

  • Post By: MMansi Seth
  • 28 May 2016

Happiness is a key to healthy life and vice-versa. Both these things go parallel to compliment and complete each other. If we talk about relationship both the things are important to make a relationship strong. Everyone wants to have a healthy and happy relationship and let me tell you that it is not hard to keep your relationship happy and healthy. You just need to know few do’s and don’ts, so here are few ways for happier and healthier relationship.

Love yourself
Many women start disliking their body at a point. They tend to develop feeling of unattractiveness, avoid close relationship with their partners, etc. So ladies stop over thinking, start loving yourself and enjoy your relationship. I’ll give you an advice plan a date and wear red to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. According to a research men find women who wear red sexier.

Sex life
Healthy sex life is important for a relationship, it gives you pleasure and health benefits as well. So to add spark in your love life, your sex life should be happy and for it you can do some efforts. Keep check on your sex drive- you might need checkup, safe sex should be your priority, try new positions and places to have sex, opt awkward timings to have sex, indulge in sexting, flirt, make a fantasy list, etc.

Relationship and Exercise
Exercise is important for healthy being and what is better than making an exercise date. Couples who workouts together are more likely to follow and stick to their fitness regime and tend to have better and more pleasurable sex life. It will become the best way for a happier and healthier relationship. Exercising improves the blood flow to the genitals and couples enjoy sex more.

Food magic
Right food is not only good for healthy body but also helps heat up your relationship like adding food during sex bring spark to sex life, adding chilies into your food triggers the endorphins and rest you know, food like almonds, avocados and arugula improves fertility and sex drive.  Cooking together can add extra bonus point to your relationship.

Relationship rules
For a happier and healthier relationship you need to follow these rules religiously. Be open to take help from your spouse, share your problems and help each other be it on financial front, sex life, relationship, health, children, etc. Do not compare yourself to other couples, it leads to stress and dissatisfaction, every individual is different and so as their compatibility, needs and choices. Remember and realize that all couples fight, a small argument or disagreements doesn’t indicate or means an end to the relationship. You are team and have to work like one, enjoy every moment of your togetherness.

Quality time
Spending quality time is important or let me give a new name to this quality time as ‘we time’, sounds interesting. So take some time from your busy and stressed life and plan a date for yourself, meet again like the first time, cook or exercise together, make a wish list and work on it, plan a getaway and go on couple’s trip or may be on your second honeymoon, complement each other, listen to music, hop in the shower, etc.  All these will help to make healthier and happier relationship.

Understand and help
Understanding is very important for a successful relationship. So it is your duty to understand and help your spouse in every situation like helping them in quitting bad habits like smoking, help in adapting good lifestyle, support them for their new ventures even if it is about weight loss, etc. If your partner seems to be skittish try to understand and be calm. The other thing where you need to help yourself is work on your working relationship, you need to accept and support your partner’s choice and if you are confused communication is the best way to solve issue.

Work on yourself
Apart from making your relationship happier and healthier the most important thing you need to do is to work upon yourself first. Especially when you are feeling low, depressed, stressed out because your partner feels the strain too which can take toll on your relationship. Talk to your partner, friend or with family member to seek help.

Other things which help
There are many married couples who lie to their partner about things related to money like purchasing. In a 2004 poll, money is voted at no.1 reason for fight among couples. Don’t hide if you spend some pennies and be open about it in front of your spouse and sort the problem by communicating. Make your bed room tech free it help you to spend some good time together and you get good sleep.