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5 Texts You Should Never Send After Your First Date

  • Post By: DDivya Bharti
  • 11 Jan 2017

The first date is an important event for what could be the start of a new relationship. But what’s more important is the first text you send to your date after the first encounter. Keep in mind that sending a wrong text unintentionally (or intentionally) can make you be judged as an insensible or a bogus person. Given below are 5 texts which you should avoid sending him or her after you first date:

“Thinking of you”
If you are still thinking about him or her after your first meet, then keep it to yourself. Do not even dare to speak these words, as it may raise questions on your morality. Moreover, you may also be portrayed as clingy and desperate through such acts. So it’s better to behave in calm way and wait for the right time to utter these words.

“Dying to meet you again”
So, both of you really had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. But keep in mind that it is highly inappropriate to ask him or her when you will be meeting them next. There are also chances that the person you met for the first time may not feel comfortable during your first date or he or she requires more time in analyzing you before they decide to meet you again.

“Check this out”
It hasn’t been confirmed that he or she is interested in you and you start sending sexy images, love and relationship quotes to them. Avoid such antics at all costs. What you thought would be a beginning can quickly turn into a dead-end. So, be sensible here.

“Want to be your friend”
Many detest getting a friend request on Facebook after meeting their date for the first time. It is downright clingy and desperate. Behave maturely here. You just met a person for couple of hours and you start connecting with them on social media.

A simple text saying you enjoyed the time together is enough rather than justifying the date with string of emojis. No emojis. Period.