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5 Reasons Why People Gain Weight After Marriage

  • Post By: MMansi Kohli
  • New Delhi
  • 25 Sep 2015

Have you seen your BFF pile on kilos after wedding, or maybe your brother who used to be reed thin while in college, only to have gained three times the weight after his wedding? Are they consuming too many calories? Does marriage bring in the martyrdom of health? Is there too much stress in maintaining a happily wedded life? Or is it psychological, where the individual feels it is no longer necessary to work out and be in shape, now that their better half has accepted them as they are? Wondering, what is it actually? Let’s take a look 5 such reasons why people tend to pile up kilos after marriage.

1. Lack of time and dedication to work out tends to add waistlines

Most couples would say this, and we do not blame or doubt them on the same. Once the honeymoon is over and the whirlwind romance comes to a slow halt, couples are busy managing their daily rigmarole. From homemaking to rushing to work, meeting deadlines and dropping the kids to school; “who has the time to work out?”, many would argue. Sometimes even the thought of brisk walking (half an hour a day) seems to be luxury. It is thus a no-brainer here; lack of exercises will lead to weight gain!

2. Over eating because, emotions run high

Lovingly your husband or wife would cook a fabulous calorie-rich meal for you, and this usually happens in the first few months of being newly-wed (a time when a lot of adjustments and impressions are being made on one another). The same calorie rich food is consumed and refusing a plate or two would mean ending up making him or her disappointed. Sources from Daily Mail report of a case where a spouse is turned fat because of a dominant partner that force-feeds in the name of love. A husband would overfeed his wife to the point that she would dread each meal time at home because she knew if she didn’t finish her plate she’d be verbally abused. And, this isn’t just one odd case. In the report, Psychotherapist Marisa Peer believes that this is much more common than many might realize. She says, “If you have the kind of husband who regularly comes home with cakes, biscuits and sweets, or says, “Let’s go out for fish and chips”, or “Let’s have a curry” and you’re trying to lose weight, then he is, subtly, going out of his way to sabotage your efforts.”

3. If you’re newly-wed, then the toil of post marriage celebrations might just continue

At least for the first few months after the wedding is done and over with, you would have family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even your boss, calling you two out for lunches and dinners. And you cannot refuse the meals served at the occasion. Calorie count again goes for a toss in most cases, which is why the waistline tends to expand and married couples gain weight. One day, you shall refuse to go to parties because you are embarrassed of losing that six packs you once flaunted, says a married man.

4. Lack of sex and spice in the marriage can boost unhealthy lifestyle

Sexual activities are natural workouts for the body; however, in this day and age, where ungodly work hours are the norm, who would have the evening or the night completely to themselves. Couples are busy working to run their homes, and by the time they return, they eat whatever they can find in the fridge and fall off to sleep. Sex is but a procreation activity for most these days, and it is rarely seen as a fun recreational concept anymore. The lack of sex leads to the lack of working out; muscles aren’t given the boost to spruce up and the fat cells are burnt or torched through the rigorous movements of sexual activity. Sources from MensHealth say “Men burn 100-300 calories in an average sex session!”

5. And then pregnancy happens!

A pregnant woman eats not for herself only, but for two- for the baby and the expectant mother. Moreover, there are hormonal changes and imbalances happening in her body, which makes her gain weight faster now than ever before. Talking about obesity and weight management, experts opine that hormonal imbalance during the nine months of expectation and couple that with plenty of food cravings, can lead to weight gain in expectant mothers.

The best way to defy the norm of getting fat and bulky post your wedding is to have a regime where couples can eat healthy, workout together and do fun activities, at least three times a week to be in shape!