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10 Secret Sex Tips For Couples In Long Term Relationship

  • Post By: MMansi Seth
  • 01 May 2016

Love relationship is one of the best thing happens in a person’s life, and if the relation is a long term one, you are very lucky. Long term relationship has its own benefits like faith, honesty, trust and comfort. But everything comes with downsides too and losing interest in sex is one of them.

Sexual activities are needed
Love, family, children, work, etc makes your life a complete one but sexual activities are needed too. As year passes and other duties come in, you start losing that spark between your relationship. And before you even realize you find yourself having sex once in a week with the regular position and then roll to sleep.

Keeping the same passion is not easy
Many people also admitted that keeping the same passion and emotion in bedroom is not easy, especially when we are in years of togetherness. But sex is important in relationship and even good for health. So don’t worry, here are few sex tips for couples in long relationship which help you to keep your relationship fresh and to bring back the lost spark.

Meet again
Remember your first meeting, you need to meet each other for the first time, again, and it helps you to bring the spark and fun back in your lives. So in a restaurant, supermarket, metro, etc try to act as stranger and meet again to relive the moment.

People think that flirting means you are trying to attract the person you like but do you know it is more that what you think. It is an act you can do to make your partner feel happy and make them realize that you still think they are hot and beautiful. So a wink or a naughty smile is enough to make their day.

Communication is the strong root of every relationship. Speaking your heart out is the best thing to maintain the honesty, love, transparency and faith. And, when it comes to sex feel free to open up and tell your partner what makes you feel good and satisfy to get the most out of your sex life.

Open up
Not only communicating and sharing feelings you both can sit and discuss about your fantasies, desires and expectation, when it comes to sexual activities. Talking on such thing is the biggest advantage anyone who is in long term relationship can take. And if you don’t have any, discuss to discover one and enjoy.

Morning sex
Morning is the time to get ultimate benefit out of everything and sex is one of them. Even it is scientifically proven that there are many health benefit of having morning sex. It is a great way to start a day and good time for all the pleasures.

Explore and try
Don’t stick up to that regular missionary position and try something new at least a new sex position a month. We all need variety in life, so why not to add few in sex and places also. We mean to say how long you will stick to bedrooms try different places as well, as place play very important role. So let’s see how creative you are.

Surprise them
Who doesn't love surprises, I guess we all. So think how you can surprise your partner when they come home with a sex related surprise. Grinning around your partner becomes fun for both. But also keep in mind, surprises are meant for special occasions only, not too often. But you can tease them often as teasing acts as a fuel to the sexual fire. So, tease and hike the excitement level.

Some other tricks
We know the thing that we gonna mention here may look bit filmy but can spice up your relationship. Healthy relationship and sex life can lead towards many physical, mental and emotional health benefit so try these and enjoy like sexting, strip teases, add food during foreplay, etc.