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Your Dog Reads Your Mind, Prefer Praise Over Food

  • Post By: DDr Vandhana
  • 13 Dec 2016
Dog Reads Your Mind

Your dog must have always been your best friend and you may just wish you could read his mind. These pets are well-known for relating socially to humans over the years. Your dog recognises you and pays close attention to your cues in order to gauge your emotions.

Dogs can “read your mind”
Research has found that your dog visually processes human faces the way you do. Dogs possess unique cognitive skills that make them more similar to a human infant than other species. They can discriminate between two human faces, even if they’re similar. They have a “remarkable ability” to pick up on small signals indicating a person’s mind frame.They possess unique cognitive skills that make them more similar to a human infant than other species.

Tend to look at an unfamiliar face longer
Dogs tend to look at an unfamiliar human face longer than a familiar one, as well as pay less attention to his owner if his head is covered. They have the tendency to look at a human face during interaction and are capable of perceiving subtle traits in human faces and that they use this information to modulate their behaviour.

Dogs love their humans
The dog’s brain activity is increased in response to hand signals indicating food, the return of an owner who had gone out of sight, and other scenarios, in a way similar to human’s.They have the ability to experience positive emotions like love and attachment. This means that dogs have a level of sentience comparable to that of a human child. The caudate centre of the brain in dogs works in a way similar to humans.

Dogs are not chowhounds
Most of the dogs prefer praise over food. Some like both equally, suggesting that dogs are not simply chowhounds. They are social creatures who appear to enjoy spending time with their owners just as much, if not more so, than a good meal.

So now you know that dogs have motivations other than food as well and they pay close attention to your communication signals.

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