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‘No One Will Be Forgiven’: Ardent Pet Lover Sonakshi Follows Akira’s Tag Line In Real Life Too

  • Post By: DDr Vandhana
  • 05 Sep 2016

With the release of her Latest movie Akira Sonakshi Sinha has formed an action image after doing glamourous roles in movies like Dabang, Action Jackson, Rowdy Rathore, etc. Akira is again her fight for justice as the tag line says "No one will be forgiven". In real life too she is fighting for our animal companions who can't express themselves.

Supporter of PETA and pet sterilization
She is known to have a soft corner even for animals and is fond of pets. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the NGO, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and has encouraged the adoption of homeless dogs and cats at various occasions. She has also repeatedly stressed on the fact of getting them sterilized.

Benefits of pet sterilization
Nearly 25 million dogs are trying to survive on the streets of India. Many of these voiceless animals starve to death, are abused, injured, or hit by vehicles. Many others are hopefully waiting for a permanent home in animal shelters. Adopting a female dog or a cat and getting them sterilized not only aids in the massive birth control in these animals but also improves the quality of their lives. They live longer, healthier, and are less prone to biting, fighting, or roaming.

Encourages adopting street animals
Earlier on the occasion of International Homeless Animals Day, she talked about adopting your animal companions from an animal shelter and getting them sterilized. She promoted the adoption of a cat or a dog from an animal shelter or adopting from the streets instead of being a victim of the greedy breeders and pet shops who are just worsening the homeless cat and dog crisis.

Setting an example
To avoid adding to the millions of strays who are fighting for their survival on the streets, she has been herself rescuing animals since her college days including her pet beloved dog Nancy, who spent 14 years with her. She has been a long time supporter of PETA India.