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Happy Diwali: Take Care Of Your Frightened And Stressed Pets On Diwali

  • Post By: DDr Vandhana
  • 27 Oct 2016
 Pets On Diwali

Though Diwali is a time of happiness and celebration for us, but for our pets it is a nightmare. Fireworks terrify animals. The nose, eyes, ears of animals are far more sensitive than ours. They are frightened by the sound of loud music and crackers. The pollution created by the crackers stuffs their nose as well. For them, fireworks are no cause for celebration. Firework displays and celebrations bring confusion, anxiety, and fear into the animals.

Animals have sensitive ears and can be extremely frightened or stressed. These feelings are expressed by our pets in the form of shaking, trembling, excessive drooling, barking, howling, Trying to hide, refusing to eat food, and temporary diarrhoea.

  • Try going green this Diwali by not bursting crackers and instead lighting earthen lamps.
  • Make your pet sit at a safe distance in order to avoid any accident.
  • Burst crackers in a limited and a centralised location so that animals can be restricted or kept away from the place during the fireworks.
  • Do not tease them by tying crackers in their tails. If you see anyone doing this, Make them stop.
  • Keep pets indoors to reduce the risk that they'll run loose or get injured.
  • Take your pets for a walk or exercise much earlier before fireworks start.
  • You should Make sure that your pet is not hungry or thirsty.
  • Try to use dog accessories like ear muffs etc
  • You can use crackers like phuljhadi and chakri around your pet so as to reduce noise level
  • Someone should always be around to Make him feel safe.
  • Make them sleep in one of our rooms where he is tucked in warm under a blanket.
  • Keep your pets distracted from the noise by engaging them in other chores.
  • Cuddle them and Make them feel comfortable. Do not leave them alone.
  • Consult the veterinary doctor and sedate them timely before fireworks start, if needed.

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