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Dog Lovers V/S Cat Lovers: How They Are Different

  • Post By: MMansi Seth
  • 26 Mar 2016

“In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him”- Derek Bruce. The line says it all and is greatly understood by pet lovers. But dog or cat lovers will take it as an old time tale that, cat lovers pitted against dog lovers in a battle over who is really got life figured out.

The hostility as old as time between a dog and a cat would end but their lovers will fight over who is best or who is not. But do you know apart from their discussion or fights; there is a huge difference between dog lovers and cat lovers. According to a study it is found that the characteristic of a person varies according to their preference of canine or feline friend.

Let’s see the difference between cat lovers and dog lovers.

  • Who is smart?
    In many studies it is found that cat owners are more intelligent than the dog owners, and cat owners scored high in the IQ test. But exceptions are always there, the study is about few people, which doesn’t mean is true to all people in each group. As a whole higher intelligence scores fall in the category of cat lovers.
  • Who love people more?
    Cats in general are cool in manner and maintain distance from people. And likewise cat loving people are less outgoing and love their own company. While on the other hand dog owners are lively, outgoing and enjoy the company of others. Even a study shows that lifestyle of a dog person is more active than cat owners, as their pet (dog) takes them for walk, run or jog to parks, which makes them active, healthy and gives opportunity to socialize.
  • Open minded
    When it comes to trying different things and being open to accept and experience new things, cat lovers topped in this aspect. Apart from being intelligent cat lovers are more open minded than dog lovers, this finding is based on the general preferences and appreciation of adventure, art, ideas, curiosity and experimenting.
  • Affection and companionship
    Many studies on cat and dog and their owners have shown that people often select pets based on their own personality. So the personality of dog or cat reflects the personality of their owners or vice versa. Cat lovers seek attention and affection from their pet, like you have seen cats are independent animals and love to be themselves. While dog people are always after companionship, are outgoing and love other’s company.
  • Being sensitive
    When compared dog and cat lovers over the issue of sensitivity, it is found that cat lovers are more sensitive. Strange isn’t it, but the fact is true. Dog owners show less or few signs of sensitivity and cat people show more, according to a study. So be careful while talking to the cat lovers, you may hurt them.
  • Being lively or prefer solitude
    According to a study it is said that like cat loves their own company, their owners are also likely to live alone and in peace, they prefer flat or apartment and on other hand dog peoples are just opposite, who love to live in a house with family and meet people frequently. Dog lovers are lively, friendlier and energetic, while cat lovers do not carry the same preferences and qualities.
  • Dominance and preference
    In two different studies, in one it is found that among the all participants 60% people prefer dogs over cat and 11% prefer cats over dog, while others prefer both or none. So it means dog lovers are more. In the other study it is found that dog people are more dominating than cat people. They also have other qualities like self confidence, assertiveness, persistence and forcefulness more than cat lovers.
  • Good listeners
    Dogs are more obedient and cats are not, so as their masters are, according to a study it is shown that dog people are more obedient, good listeners and follow rules. While cat people are non-conformists, are expedient and do not follow rules. Cat lovers can relate to this very well, when they call their cat.