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8 Relevant Reasons To Neuter Or Spay Your Pets

  • Post By: BBinish Ahmed
  • 08 Nov 2016
Spay Your Pets

If you have recently adopted a pet cat, dog, hamster or a bunny, one of your best calling will be the decision to sterilize your pet. Removing the reproductive organs can vastly improve your pet's behaviour and he or she will never get lost. Not convinced enough? Check out these 8 spot-on reasons to get your pet neutered or spayed.

  • Your female pet will not go into heat
    During breeding season, a female cat goes into heat 4-5 days every 3 weeks. To attract potential mates, they'll yowl and sometimes even pee all over the house. Female dogs experience heat cycles after every 6 months, which leaves bloody stains around the house. Spaying saves you from all these tantrums.

  • Your male pet will behave better
    Experts say that neutered dogs and cats pay more attention on their human families. Many aggression issues can be resolved by early neutering. For instance, neutered male dogs and cats mark their territory by spraying urine all over the house.

  • Your pet will be less anxious and stress-free
    Physiologically speaking, animals are more geared and focus towards pregnancy or nursing their offsprings. If they do not do it properly, they become stressed, it is a fact. Therefore, sterilizing them relieves them from these hardships.

  • Urinary tract infections get prevented
    In cats especially, urinary tract infections can be very serious and if untreated or mistreated, it can also prove to be fatal. Hence, spaying and neutering your pets lowers the risk of them developing urinary tract problems.

  • Your pet will not wander off or get into an accident
    As mentioned before, desexing reduces undesirable behavior. This also means that the behaviour of roaming carelessly by males gets decreased. Likewise, the chances of your pet being hit by a car or getting picked up as strays will also reduce.

  • Risk of cancer cuts down
    In males, neutering decreases the risk of testicular cancer. On the other hand, spaying lowers the odds of developing ovarian, uterine and mammary cancer in females. In essence, you are lengthening the life of your pet by sterilization.

  • Pet overpopulation gets controlled
    According to statistics, every year 3-4 million unwanted pets are euthanized. If not put to rest, they suffer the fate of a helpless stray. Overpopulation is a result of unplanned litters. Neutering male and spaying female pets can save some of these deaths. In reality, sterilizing your pet makes a world a better place.

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