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How Kids Drive Parents Crazy! It Is Important For You To Know

Is your little one driving you crazy with his innovative tantrums!  Sometimes you are so stressed out that you lock yourself in the bathroom to escape the naughty angels. We understand your situation. But you will have to take the stress given by your little love. But have you ever wondered how they manage the tricks, as it seems pretty easy for the kids to drive you nuts. It’s important for you to know the ways the little ones can drive you crazy. Important, as the tantrums may be normal to attract your attention. And,  in some cases it can be because of disorders. So you need to be watchful. All new parents, and parents to be, make a quick note- you are on kids’ hit list.  

The tantrums game

It happens most of the time when you take your child out to the market, friend’s place or to a public place. Once out, they start behaving weird. Remember, they will show tantrums, and eventually you will have to surrender. They will drive you nuts while eating- their clothes and the nose too will enjoy the food. This, at times, is too embarrassing- especially, when you are at friend’s place, or at a restaurant.   

Drive you nuts

How do you feel, when someone calls you, without any reason, after every 5minutes.  Sounds irritating, isn’t it. When kids can’t find something, they will always do this. The other way they drive their parents crazy, is by constant questioning. Kids, it seems, consider parents as human version of Google. And yes, questions are irritating-sample this, ``How many rubber bands it would take to cover earth,’’.

Pee and pee

Whenever you step in a store to shop, very often you will hear a soft, innocent voice saying ``daddy/ mommy I want to pee.’’ On top of that they want to do it immediately. You may think that it was just 10 minutes ago that the kid had used the loo, but this is normal and it will happen.  Just remember that whenever something important will come up, your kid will give you those loo calls.  

Repetition and tattling

Listening to the same thing in a day for good 48 times can try anybody’s patience. Your tyke comes to you and tells you seriously that Tom is annoying Jerry, please do something. You will surely try and find out what is wrong, without realising that the kid was referring to the cartoon series. Sometimes your child will tell you the same story 30 times. It may be annoying, but you need to be calm.

Food and drama

Mealtime is the favourite time of your child to throw tantrums, and time to play with you. He behaves like a superhero running around, with you chasing him with a glass of milk. This part of growing up is fun too. Kids become choosy at mealtime. Forgetting or avoiding lunch is something that they follow religiously. Mealtime drama makes it difficult for the parents to feed little one with healthy food.

The crazy car

The real problem comes when you decide to go for a car drive. When everybody is inside the car, more often than not your child will give a loo call, that too immediately. Then when you are all set, your little one will want to show his driving skills.

All that fights and lies

Even if you hate wrestling, you may have to watch wrestling on a daily basis. More so, if you have two kids. Both your children are the real wrestling champs. They can’t live without teasing each other. Sibling fights are a big mess to clear out. You can’t really do much, and usually you end crying on a pillow. It’s not yet over mommies. Kids also irritate with lots of lies, and play the blame game too.

Mess everywhere

You thought all your work is over, and now can peacefully watch TV. Hang on, just peep into your child’s room. Mission cleaning has to be restarted. The toys, books, colours thrown around in his room, are an instant mood spoiler. But, you can’t help. While doing cleaning, you may realise that he hasn’t finished his homework. So, you will have to wait again for your favourite TV show.

Your shower timing

Work done!  Everyone is busy with their tasks, so you though it is the best time for a shower. But wait, don’t you know that all tricks will be played when you are having a shower. You may hear a loud thud—when you rush out you will see a failed superman has fallen from the dining table.

Bed time, still energetic

At the end of the day, you are tired and want to hit the bed immediately. You may be tired, but your child is full of energy at night. He wants to finish everything at the same time- from eating to reading every possible book, singing songs to sharing his plans to save the world. And you do have much option, just play along. Always be a good listener and motivator.