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‘Dr Tongue’ Tells All About Your Health

Oral care is important for overall health. We should keep our teeth clean, to prevent bacteria going inside our body when we swallow food or drink something. To keep gums healthy we eat healthy foods and take best care of our teeth, so that it can become stronger and shiny.

But doing so we forget one of the important parts of the mouth, that is our tongue. Tongue health is also important and proper hygiene is must. A healthy tongue should be of pink colour and covered with small nodules. But you know that tongue condition can tell a lot about your health. Let’s see how tongue health indicates about different issues in the body.

  • Tongue Redness: The redness of tongue tells that there is deficiency of vitamins in the body. In this condition tongue becomes glossy and bright red which also indicates toward iron and vitamin B12 deficiency. Doctor’s recommendation is advisable as this strawberry red tongue can also be associated with autoimmune disease in the GI tract which means that your stomach is not absorbing vitamins.
  • Hairy Tongue: Black or Brown hairy (colour) like tongue firstly indicates toward poor oral hygiene. These black and brown fuzz occurs due to smoking and drinking habits like tea, coffee etc. Certain medications can also be responsible for the same. You can manage this condition by concerning on oral hygiene and by doing proper tongue brushing with tongue scrapper and adapting healthy eating and drinking habits
  • White Tongue: Our tongue becomes white when we drink milk, which is normal. This lumpy white tongue can also be thrush or oral yeast infection caused by over production of candida. Thrush leads to pain and taste disturbance, and affects people with diabetes and auto immune diseases, elderly or in chemotherapy patients. Upset stomach can also be the reason and doctor’s recommendation is advisable.
  • Wrinkled Tongue: Wrinkled tongue indicates towards aging, which means you are getting older. The cracks on tongues are harmless, but if it is due to poor oral hygiene, it leads to crevices infection. If it is an infection, pain, foul smell and burning sensation are the symptoms and can be treated with medications. To prevent such conditions drink enough water, eat healthy food and practice good oral hygiene
  • Patchy Tongue: The small white patches on tongue can be irritating but are painless in most cases. These patches are called leukoplakia which are caused due to excess growth of cells. Smokers are the one who notice the development of these small white patches and can also lead to oral cancer. In non smokers it can be due to tooth rubbing against tongue but it is advised that you see your doctor.
  • Sores on Tongue: These painful sores indicate that you are in stress; many people experience red painful canker sores which are really irritating. These sores occur on the surface of tongue or inner cheek and eventually diapers in 4-5 days. The other form of these sores is cold sore which occurs on lips, these ulcers can also be the reason of food you eat i.e. warm and spicy
  • Lesions on Tongue: These red lesions most of the times confused with sore and we tend to ignore them but it can be a sign of mouth cancer. Canker sore goes within 10-12 days but if these red lesions do not go away, it indicates that you need to see your dentist immediately. If it is cancer they are painless in early stages and that is why people do not notice it which later cause big harm.
  • Burning Sensation: The burning sensation in mouth or on tongue could indicate towards things like bad eating habits, using wrong paste or postmenopausal. The burning sensation and bit of tongue swell is a normal hormonal change and can be treated with medications. The general reason is the allergy due to certain toothpaste, so toothpaste check and replacement is recommended.
  • Geographical Tongue: In this condition the parts of the tongue are missing and small bumps form on the tongue which looks like a map. It is also known inflammatory condition which affects about 2-3 percent of common population. Burning sensation can be noticed and it can be treated with anti-inflammatory medicines.