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To Stay Ageless, 9 Lessons You Must Learn From Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara who originally moved to the U.S. from Colombia to model, is now known as the sexy Latina on Modern Family. Since the show’s premiere in 2009, she has become a beauty icon. In her mid-40’s she is glamorous, successful, talented, and has looks that every woman dreams of. She does not have any visible wrinkle on her face and keeps you wondering how she does it? Was she blessed with good genes? Well, that is probably part of it. But it also turns out she does a lot to keep her appearance in top shape. Sofia admits she has been taking care of her skin since her early 20’s—and it certainly shows!

She eats sweets on weekends
She has a lot of fruits and vegetables, and she cooks fresh meats. But she also has ice cream and dessert during the weekend. She controls herself during the week. It turns out that allowing yourself a weekly cheat is actually proven to boost metabolism and help you stick to your diet later in the week. Both help you to lose more weight overall.

She stays away from salt
Vergara stresses the importance of avoiding sodium. She tries not to eat salty things the night before because she is very sensitive to salty things and gets really puffy eyes. Since salt causes water retention, this swelling can affect you all over, making those skinny jeans feel even tighter than they did yesterday. While salt is crucial in your diet, you only need around 500 mg!

She wears sunscreen Vergara admits that she wears “SPF of at least 50 every day.” She also regrets not spreading the sunscreen to her chest until now. Staying ahead of wrinkles is the first step to smooth, young skin. By applying sunscreen everyday, Vergara protects herself from harmful rays that expedite all signs of aging, as well as skin cancer.

She gets gold facials and photo facials
With anti-aging properties, gold is no longer just for jewellery. Pure gold facials are meant to renew cells, improve skin elasticity, reduce dryness, slow the decline of collagen production, and treat acne and skin infections. It makes sense that gold is Sofia’s secret to radiance. Before her wedding, Vergara prepared with a wide array of light-based facials. The first, Intense Pulse Light, targets red and brown spots, helping to accelerate cell turnover, build collagen, and even out skin tone.The next was the OxyLight facial, including oxygen infusion, diamond microdermabrasion, microcurrent stimulation to tighten facial muscles, ultrasonic massage to reduce puffiness, and LED exposure to key areas.

She tries new trends
It’s obvious from the out-of-the-ordinary facials that Sofia likes trying new things when it comes to her beauty regimen. She loves trying everything: She loves products, she loves makeup, and she tries to take care of herself as much as she can. Since everyone’s skin is different, it is important to try different products to see what works best for you. This works with your diet, too!

She sticks with makeup that works
Even though she is adventurous with her skincare, she advocates sticking with makeup that works for you—especially if you are older. According to her, “Find things that are good for you that go with your skin color, your lips, and the type of eye you have—and stick to it. I don’t think makeup is something you do just for fashion—you just have to look good, glowy, and fresh.”

She is motivated by co-stars
Sofia admits that she hates working out, but knows that it is important as you can see the difference in the women and men that work out. Her co-star Ed O’Neill motivates her,being a black belt in jiu-jitsu and working out every day. Sofia says, "He's 70 years old and moves like a 40-year-old man. It's impressive to see what exercise has done to him." It doesn’t have to be a co-star, but working out with a friend allows you to keep each other on-track and you’ll have more fun while you exercise, too.

She does not run, she walks
Sofia doesn’t like running. Instead, she walks on the treadmill at a high incline, building muscle in her butt and legs. Sofia wants to build muscle and have that look—she likes curves.

She takes breaks
Sofia’s workout schedule depends on her filming schedule. If she has a good filming schedule where she has availability, she'll work out between 5-7 days, which is a lot. But she takes a lot of time off when she is busy. This rest time is important and actually allows your body to come back stronger. But, the good news is that if you have been building muscle, you are burning more calories even at rest, since your “resting metabolic rate” is much higher.