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The Most Beautiful Black Skinned Woman- Khoudia Diop A.k.a ‘Melanin Goddess’

  • Post By: BBinish Ahmed
  • 07 Oct 2016
World's Blackest Women

Meet Khoudia Diop- the world’s most beautiful black skinned girl. She is a Senegalese model who is shattering stereotypes about skin colour She is redefining the meaning of body positivity. The stunning beauty became an internet star overnight after her photo was published for the Coloured campaign- a platform that celebrates various skin types.

Diop is the darkest model in Africa
Diop calls herself the ‘Melanin Goddess’ because of her skin colour is as ‘dark as night’. Melanin is a pigment present in our skin that decides our skin and hair colour. Apart from this, melanin protects our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. More melanin=darker skin. Khoudia is said to be the darkest model in Africa.

Bullied as ‘darky’ or ‘charcoal black’
Growing up, the black beauty was often bullied for her colour. She has been called ‘charcoal black’, nicknamed as ‘darky’ to being teased as the ‘daughter of the night’. She said that bullies would come up with ways to make her feel bad about her colour, but she showed them that her complexion will never be an issue. Now that is the quality of a fierce woman. And no wonder, her beautiful skin tone is now taking her to places.

Skin bleaching common in Africa
Skin bleaching is quite prevalent in many African countries. Swarms of African women are resorting to whitening creams and treatment to meet the so-called global standard of a ‘light coloured’ beauty. In fact, a disturbing survey says that 75% Nigerian and 35% South African women use skin lightening products to get a fairer skin tone.

Khoudia embraces her colour. An epitome of body positivity
Our Melanin Goddess refused to bleach her skin and has chosen to embrace her colour. The skin whitening products can be potentially dangerous to the skin in the long run. Women who run after achieving fairer skin should learn a thing or two from Khoudia. She is truly an epitome of beauty and self-confidence.

Diop’s impeccable features add up to her unique skin colour and looks like she doesn’t need any makeup, she is perfect. She is being showered with compliments and it seems everyone is clearly impressed by her positive attitude.

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